Benchmarking And Improving Management Quality

Benchmarking And Improving Management Quality

What is Management Quality?Practically all management development is aimed at individuals. Management Quality is an organizational concept,Guest Posting which describes the organization’s capacity to meet high quality objectives in its management functions. This leads to better customer satisfaction and financial and other performance. Many enterprises and organizations have programs for Total Quality Management. These are supposed to cover management quality, as one of several topics. In practice, however, improvements in this area are often given a lower priority, than within processes, more directly concerning flows of products and money.

To apply quality concepts and methods to Block Management London the area of management includes measuring present level of quality, establishing the desired goal and necessary actions, and finally measuring progress. It is not sufficient to address the symptoms, the obvious deficiencies; you must also consider the fundamental values, policies, systems, processes and programs, i.e. quality assurance.Management quality is not synonymous with Quality management (to manage quality improvement). Nor is it synonymous with Quality of managers (a narrower concept, often represented as “wish lists” of desired personality traits).

Is Management Quality really important?All enterprises or other organizations with competition and/or pressure to reduce costs must find means to improvement, that continuously give customers, clients and other stake holders more value for money. The most common way is to simply cut costs, which directly hits the employees and indirectly the customers.In the area of management there is a great, unexploited area for improvement. Such improvement has a direct and positive impact on results. Those organizations that are pioneers in using this opportunity will create greater value for customers and clients, a better working environment and competitive advantage.There are no real arguments for not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Management Quality – is there need for improvement?Consider the following illustrations as “evidence”:

Evidence 1. I have conducted benchmarking studies in more than 10 major Nordic and multinational organizations representing industry, commerce and government. On a 1000-point scale for management quality these enterprises end up in the 350-550 interval. The study includes companies with an excellent reputation in the areas of general management and human resource management. The conclusion is that even those that are considered leading edge today have substantial room for improvement -and there are thousands who are lagging far behind.

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