My Childhood Halloween Costumes

My Childhood Halloween Costumes

I belong to a middle class family. We cannot afford to buy new dresses as often as the others. During special seasons such as Christmas and Birthdays,My Childhood Halloween Costumes Articles we hardly received a new set of clothing, more so during Halloween. Though Halloween is an anticipated event, my parents didn’t bother to buy me Halloween costumes. I never had one until I decided to make my own.

I was on my 4th grade then. October is already on its second week and it’s only a week before our Halloween Costume party. At that early, I hear my classmates discussing and bragging their prepared Halloween Costumes. Some bought theirs from big department stores, some even imported theirs. Everyone is excited to show off except for me. The pressure began when the week of the party came. My teacher asked us if we are ready for the Halloween costume party. That time, I’m decided not to join because I don’t have a costume. But I was surprised and became more pressured when my teacher told us that we will have a parade of Halloween Costumes not only around the school ground but to the whole community. She partnered with the local officials and some house owners to sponsor the parade and give perks to the students. My heart pounded more when she told us that joining is compulsory and will merit a grade. I still can recall how nervous, disappointed, and frightened I was that time.

Since joining is enforced and Halloween costumes will be graded, I didn’t waste time looking for improvised costume in our attic. Fortunately, I found a closet with an old long white night-gown. I grabbed it and did the following:

– Made some cut outs in the gown making it look old and deteriorating as if coming from the grave
– Wiped it on the closet so that dust will halloween bar ideas accumulate in the gown
– Sprinkled ketchup on it like scatters of blood

To complete the set-up, I colored my very long black hair in gray to make me appear like an old lady. I colored my eyes with black. I put a very pale make up.

Parade day came. I arrived early but I did not show up until the start. I positioned myself to a hidden area while I peek on my classmates’ Halloween Costumes. Most of them are on fancy dresses. Cartoon characters, fairy, movie outfits, and many more. All their costumes were obviously bought from a store. I started to show up when my teacher is conducting the roll call of attendees. To my surprise, everyone clapped when I entered. Even my teacher was astonished with my costume. She even told my classmates that what I’m wearing is the real Halloween costume. It’s creepy, spooky, and frightening. During the parade, observers kept on taking pictures of me and some with me together with their families and friends. Did you know that I paraded barefooted?

At the end of the parade, the main sponsor approached my teacher and handed an envelope. That enveloped bear cash prize particularly for me. Everyone congratulated me for having an original, well prepared Halloween Costume.

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